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Privacy is of utmost importance when it comes to The terms of privacy policy are applicable to all those products and services.

Customer Information

All the information obtained regarding our registered customers can be used by the company to improve the user experience. This information can include the customer's IP address, software and hardware attributes and frequently requested pages and search terms. Moreover a couple of cookies might also be received by the users which would allow the company to track user trends and storage preferences. All the customer information, messages, published content online etc are stored on the company’s servers.

Usages of Customer information

Customer information is not anonymous to the company. And it could be used to ensure effective communication with the users.
User information might also be used to conduct online researches and customer analysis to improve the quality of our services.
Other uses include the protection of the services and products provided by the company, updating the technical functioning of the company and developing new and advanced services to aid the users.

Third party usage strictly prohibits the use of personal information by a third party. Any data or personal information of the customers will not be used to send spam mails. All the data provided by the customers protected under a no-spam policy. But the company might share any non personal information with a third party in case the situation calls for it.

Sign up details

In the course of signing up for online services users may be liable to provide personal information before registration. Any use of information other than mentioned in the privacy policy will be done by the informed customer consent. Moreover customers have the right to decline any services that require personal information including pre-set cookies.

Terms for sharing customer information

Any personal information or customer data is only shared with our affiliated companies or business partners once the consent of the customers is obtained. Extra care is taken to ensure all the subsidiaries processing the customer information on our behalf are following the terms of the company’s privacy policy.

Information Security applies strict measures to protect all data and information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. Regular internal reviews and physical safety measures are used to ensure secure data processing techniques'. All the employees having access to the customer information are bound by the terms of the confidentiality agreement and may be liable for termination or criminal prosecution in case they don't abide by it.
More over customers will also be allowed periodic access to their data in order to update their personal information in the company’s records.

Note :

The terms of the privacy policy may be subject to changes without any prior notice to the customers.

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