Legal Agreements

Customer Master Agreement

The customer master agreement is the fundamental agreement reached between the users of services; ‘Customer’ and the Service Provider; This agreement states that the customers will agree to most of the terms that will govern future transactions between both parties. The terms of the master agreement will be applicable in all the other product specific agreements, some of which are listed below.

Registrar Registrant Agreement for Domain Names

The registrant refers to the organization or individual who is registering to the domain name and listed as the owner in the agreement. When the users submit the application for a domain name, they become the domain name registrant. The registrar is the company in this case that takes the registration request and reserves the domain for the users at the main registry.
During the registration process the registrars will be required to provide the company their contact and technical information. Terms of which will be included in the Registrar Registrant agreement for domain names.

Customer Agreement for Domain Names

This agreement serves as an addendum to the Customer Master Agreement. As per the terms if agreement customer has to agree that the company reserves the right to reject any domain registration application without being liable for any damages caused from such rejection. The agreement also implied that customer’s registration and use of domain names will at all times be consistent with all applicable laws. And all information provided in connection with any domain name registration is and shall remain accurate.

Customer Agreement for Web Services

The web services product agreement is an extension of the Master Agreement between the customer and the company. According to this agreement the company provides Domain forwarding, mail forwarding and managed DNS and the elects to accept these services.

Customer Agreement for Digital Certificates

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of customer’s use of the services and represents the entire agreement between the user and concerning the subject matter hereof. The Digital certificates with electronic acceptance of the agreement signify that the user has read, understood, acknowledged the terms of agreement and will abide by it.

Customer Hosting Product Agreement

The customer hosting product agreement is an addendum to the Customer master agreement and on the basis of this contract the company provides web, virtual private server (VPS) and Email hosting services to the registered customers.

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