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6 ways attending Tech and Design Industry events can help your business

6 ways attending Tech and Design Industry events can help your business

As a web designer, developer or business-owner (or all 3-in-one!), finding time to attend a tech event can be tough. You probably think that it is an unproductive way to spend a business day. However, we’d like to show you 6 reasons why you should attend events such as WordCamps, Developer Summits, Design conferences and other tech conferences and conventions.

1. Self-appraise – Evaluate your business and brand!

Events like these often see your competition showcase the best of their products and strategy. It’s the perfect way for you to get a sense of “Where do I stand in comparison to my biggest competitors?”.

2. Network – Build better, stronger connections with face-to-face interactions:

Particularly for digital businesses, your presence in this setting can make an impact that a digital campaign cannot. This can also help you connect especially with customers who are not inclined to online marketing.

3. Grow your leads – Expand your customer base:

Presenting your business at a related-event can help you meet a whole new set of people to reach out to.

4. Ideate  Get outside the bubble:

With your daily workload, it is possible to get stuck in a bubble. Attending events like these exposes you to different thinking, different points of view and expand or challenge every assumption you had about your industry. Takeaways from these events can be invaluable.

5. Become a Thought Leader – Project your personal brand:

If you happen to be an expert in your field, these events can open many more doors for your business and yourself. It can help showcase yourself as a possible event speaker and industry leader.

6. Collaboration – Learn solutions from other tech professionals:

In a complex and fast-changing industry, it’s hard to keep pace with changing requirements and technologies. These events are the perfect place to find experts who can help you figure out solutions to some of the most complex problems you face in the business.